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 The word is "Unified Communications", but do I need it? Minimize

Your communications network policy is crucial to your business. Wouldn't you like top quality professional help to get the right NETWORK SOLUTION, geared to your business requirements?

Networking spaghettiToday companies are being barraged with network and telecommunications technology. But what do you really need? There is no point in investing in any technology unless it delivers tangible business benefits.

Quite apart from the normal Voice, Data LAN and WAN issues, there are many questions to consider such as:
  • to what extent do I integrate my voice network into my data network?
  • should I be facilitating flexible working?
  • what about my mobile network and unified messaging?
In the past organisations had facilities specialists dealing with their voice network and, typically, the IT department handling the data network. This is no longer viable as these technologies are now inextricably linked as they become  converged.

messy communicationsIt is absolutely crucial that businesses have a single, coherent network policy determined by their business plans. Network solutions these days can deliver massive efficiency savings, give a faster business edge and allow staff to give their best whilst balancing their changing private life.
This is where Samos comes in. We use our long term, in depth knowledge to help you get the right solution geared to your specific business plans.  Samos is different because we are totally product and supplier independent. Our loyalty is to our customers and them alone.

We focus on understanding the business requirement . We will report on your existing technology, and what, if anything, needs to change in terms of infrastructure to provide the right platform

From there you can go your own way if you desire, but we will stay with you to help if needed. We will talk to your prospective solution deliverers, ensuring the right questions are asked and making sure they can deliver what they promise. We will not let them pull the wool over your eyes.

If you are looking to run a tender process, we will help you bring the tender together, making sure you are structuring it correctly and your questioning does not leave you technically exposed. We will help you evaluate the responses and give you written recommendations based upon our discussions and dealings with your bidders. Maybe there is a single supplier. Maybe the best solution could be a marriage of  a few? We will explain our findings to you in Plain English.

Once you have decided your path forward, we will remain with you, if required, to ensure the supplier is delivering on their promises, and acting as a conduit between them and your own people.

We will make sure your own staff are being kept in the loop throughout the whole process. There are so many organisations that shroud technology in mystery. Samos ensures there is a constant learning process for our client's internal people. IP telephoneIt is important to be open about this at all times
Our services are totally bespoke and tailored to your needs. Your requirements will be evaluated and the services provided will be agreed directly with you.

Once any specific project is complete, we are happy to meet with you regularly to help you modify your policy and technology as your business evolves.

Samos consultants are charged at a very competitive daily rate.
To learn more about our services, contact us now.


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