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 How can your communications technology help you close business faster? Minimize

Many hands

To understand this we would like you to imagine the following scenario:

Your sales process typically lasts six to nine months.

The sales 'team' involves an Account Manager, Sales Director, Pre Sales Consultant and Engineering Manager.

The four of you are located in London, Manchester, Plymouth and Glasgow.

Reality: to meet face to face at least three of you are going to have to spend time and money travelling to this meeting. Probably at least a whole day lost each.

Just imagine if the locations were Los Angeles, Birmingham, Sydney and Hong Kong!

The problem: You come to the stage at which you can move no further forward until you have that meeting. 

You look in the diaries…. When is the next opportunity you will all have sufficient time available to attend this meeting? Two weeks, three weeks? By the time the meeting happens all the impetus is gone, and you need to go back over old ground.

What is the answer?          MEET NOW from wherever you are !!

Man in airportUsing modern communication technology and collaboration software, you can all meet from where you are NOW, as long as you have a phone, and a connection to your corporate intranet (or even just an internet connection). Using today's technology these meetings are as complete and meaningful as if you had all got together face to face in a room. It goes far beyond traditional video conferencing. It can also be suprisingly inexpensive.

  • All that waiting ….... GONE!!
  • All that travelling…. GONE!!
  • All that expense….. GONE!!

The business process moved forward? OF COURSE!!

Now you have seen that, just imagine all the other applications relevant to your business !!

Sales Meetings, Project Meetings, Training Sessions, One to One reviews....   the possibilities are endless and the savings can be massive.

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I have to support many clients over a wide area. Most of my meetings are of a short duration but involve reviewing visual information.

Samos provided me with the advice that enabled me to select the most appropriate solution for my needs.

I save time and the environment whilst providing my clients with feedback of how their website investment is performing.

Simon Thompson


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