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 The Environment and Your Business

Polar bear on a melting ice flowWith constant talk of global warming and green taxes, how can your communications network help your business and the environment at the same time?

Scientists are now accepting the reality of global warming and that the effects we are seeing on our weather, environment and natural habitats, are due in no small part to the activities of humans.

Even those who are unconvinced by this view are realising that they are facing punative taxes as a result, because this has become such a major issue.

It seems inevitable whatever 'colour' the government is now or in the near future, it will almost certainly be levelling more taxes against companies and individuals, based upon their 'carbon footprint'.

One of the easiest ways to reduce carbon emmissions is to reduce the distances travelled as part of our day to day working lives. Your business's approach to working practices can have a massive effect on its overall emmissions. The communications infrastructure can help you achieve reductions in carbon emmissions, speed your business process and reduce your overheads.

Glacier collapsingA good example is getting staff to meet in virtual meeting rooms, either through your corporate intranet or even the internet itself.

The technology available today allows these meeting to be truly meaningful, whilst removing the need to travel. The time wasted travelling will be freed up for productive activities, and all the costs associated with travelling and subsistence are saved. Forward looking organisations are starting to implement such solutions now, and are already feeling the benefits. They are also likely to reduce their tax burden in the short to mid term at least.

Additionally communication tools allow staff to access all their communications multi media services wherever they are, as if they are in the office. Do all your staff really need to be in the office all the time? Do you really want the huge overhead of large premises to support?

Don't get left behind. At Samos we are very experienced in such technology and can help you explore the options and choose the most appropriate solution for your business.

So, whether your motivation is to help save the planet, reduce overheads, change the way you work or simply to pay less in green taxes, the time to start exploring the options is now!

Contact us now to get started!

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