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What benefits do you gain as a business by using Samos Consultants?

  • EXPERIENCE: Samos consultants are highly experienced individuals who will start out by understanding your business and your growth plans.  They will communicate with you in plain english, calling on those years of experience and their up to date knowledge of available products and services.
  • IN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT: Do your own people have the necessary experience, or even the time to deal with a major project like this? Wouldn't it be great to have a really top quality professional come into your business without having to actually employ someone, with all the risks and overheads that involves. Your staff need not fear this because we believe in engaging with them and making sure as much of our knowledge and experience rubs off on them as is possible. We will also identify where we believe formal training is needed, and recommend to you the most relevant courses. We will make sure these happen in a timely manner.  In this way your people develop with the project and we know we are leaving you in safe hands when we are finished.
  • INDEPENDENCE: Samos has not entered into any commercial arrangements with suppliers of products and services, meaning they will always recommend the best option to the client. We view this as a major USP for the business. The majority of consultancy companies in the communications arena have partnerships with suppliers which means they will always recommend a solution from which they take a cut.    
  • VALUE: Samos charges sensible daily rates, which reduce the longer the project. You will not be paying for prestigeous luxury offices or facilities as all Samos consultants are provided with the facilities to work and collaborate from home and on customer site. We practice what we preach!!


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