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 Why use Samos?

Why would you be better off involving Samos UK in your decision making processes for new communications solutions?



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Worcester CathedralSamos was established early in 2007. Its sales and administration centre is in Worcestershire, although its services are available anywhere in the UK.
Its founders believe the need to simplify and speed up the business process in an increasingly competitive and global market place, along with punitive taxes imposed by the government based on green issues will result in companies changing the way they operate.

The cost of fuel today has now increased the urgency. 

As working practices change, the role of the Data Network becomes paramount to the smooth running of a company. Employees need to be able to access all their facilities and participate in meaningful meetings whether at home, in the office, hot desking  or on their travels.

Unified communications is the buzz word but what does it mean? The solutions and products available are numerous. There are many companies in the market place offering excellent solutions which each have their own benefits. Which one is right for your business?

Most Telcos and Integrators will provide 'consultancy', but there is an agenda when selling a solution. The advice will be loaded towards that company's product. There are also consultancy companies who are in partnership with suppliers, and will again steer advice towards solutions they will benefit from. 

Often their reports are written before they have even met their clients or understood the business requirements. We deplore this. It is not proper consultancy.

Samos UK Ltd believes there is a space in the market place for truly independent consultancy in this complex product arena. Too often suppliers are selling inappropriate or unnecessary products and pulling the wool over their customer's eyes during the sales process. The Client only finds out during implementation.

Where Samos sets itself apart is to offer fully independent guidance, working FOR the client. The company will take no commissions or benefits from any supplier it recommends to deliver a solution. The consultant will understand the business drivers, research the facts and suggest a sensible road forward. The bulk of the written work provided will be bespoke to the individual project. We will not try to put a round peg into a square hole for the sake of a sale. Our Clients will not be paying excessive rates to pay for lavish offices, as Samos keeps its overheads low. All our consultants are home based. We practice what we preach!!

As part of the process the consultant will engage with the client, offering a level of in-house expertise which may not exist in their business. This also releases hard pressed IT and Network staff to concentrate on their day jobs. When it comes to implementation, project management can be offered. New staff may need to be recruited. It is also essential that existing in-house staff get the necessary training. Samos will work hard to ensure all these things happen quickly and effectively.

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